Youth, Crime, and Justice

This series aims to become a central repository of studies that span the wide range of social, behavioral and policy sciences about youth development and governmental efforts to foster adolescent development yet control youth crime. The series hopes to attract books from around the world concerned with adolescent development and competence, with the social distribution of youth crime and crime control measures, and with the influence of legal controls on the behavior and subsequent careers of young persons.


Franklin E. Zimring, University of California, Berkeley School of Law
David S. Tanenhaus, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Emily Buss, The University of Chicago Law School
Jeffrey A. Fagan, Columbia Law School
Barry C. Feld, University of Minnesota Law School
James Forman, Jr., Yale Law School
Michael Grossberg, Indiana University
Barry Krisberg, University of California, Berkeley School of Law
Aaron Kupchik, University of Delaware
Terry A. Maroney, Vanderbilt University Law School
Michael Wald, Stanford University Law School (Emeritus)


Submissions should take the form of a 4-6 page proposal outlining the intent, scope, and argument of the project, its merits in comparison to existing texts, and the audience it is designed to reach. Please include a detailed annotated Table of Contents, ideally 2-4 sample chapters if available, and a current copy of your curriculum vitae. Please refer to NYU Press’ submission guidelines.

Please contact Ilene Kalish, Executive Editor at NYU Press, if you are interested in submitting a proposal.