Religion, Race, and Ethnicity

Religion has been a dynamic force in the lives of many peoples of different races, nationalities, and ethnicities. In order to achieve an adequate understanding of a people’s historical identity, it is often essential to consider religion both as a motive force and as an organizing framework in their lives. While religion, race, and ethnicity have each individually received a significant amount of scholarly attention, their combined interaction has thus far received insufficient notice.

While eclectic in terms of precise topics and approaches, this series will advance our understanding of religion as a determinative dynamic in the lives of different racial and ethnic communities. It will address such questions as how the categories of religion, race, and ethnicity have intersected historically, influenced social movements, impacted historical processes, informed the development of group identity, and acted as a hegemonic impetus for social functions. Projects in the series will have an empirical base for their analyses; some will incorporate ethical and/or religious arguments into their methodologies. Some books in the series will be historical; others will focus on contemporary issues. While the primary geographic focus of the series will be the United States, works examining other parts of the world will also be given serious consideration. Projects which are broad in scope and of interdisciplinary appeal are particularly encouraged.

General Editor 

Peter J. Paris, Princeton Theological Seminary


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