Nation of Nations

American history has increasingly come to be seen as immigrant history, as immigration and ethnic diversity continue to alter the fundamental composition and very character of the United States. The Nation of Nations: Immigrant History as American History series consists of concise and accessible informed accounts of the histories and cultures of different American groups, utilizing the most recent research and scholarship in history, the social sciences, and the humanities.

The series covers a range of topics and themes including immigration policy and law, ethnic business, interethnic and interracial marriage, children and families, the immigrant press, borderlands, immigrant politics, nativism, assimilation, and “the second generation.” Series volumes cut across various groups, highlighting comparisons not only among diverse national and linguistic groups, but also among groups from each of the major geographic regions of the globe—Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa—while paying attention throughout to issues of transnationalism, transculturation, and globalization.


Rachel Ida Buff, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Matthew Jacobson, Yale University
Werner Sollors, Harvard University


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