Modern and Contemporary Catholicism

The Modern and Contemporary Catholicism series seeks out the most innovative work underway on Catholicism across academic disciplines. Interdisciplinary research that creatively and thoughtfully integrates different methodologies and theoretical approaches is especially welcome.

The geographical range of the series is global, although it is anticipated that the majority of works to be published will focus on Catholicism in the United States, or on American Catholicism in its varied and multiple interconnections with global and transnational issues (such as the involvement of American Catholics in global refugee work). We will also gladly consider research that opens especially rich and productive theoretical questions of broad relevance to scholarship on religion and culture,with Catholicism as its major focus, in the U.S. or elsewhere, as well as comparative studies. It is one of the fundamental assumptions of this book series that Catholicism is a uniquely revealing lens for identifying and examining key issues in modern and contemporary societies and cultures.


Robert Orsi, Northwestern University


A proposal should be at least 6–10 pages in length and should include:
•  A statement of the significance, need,and organization of the work. • Its intended readership(s), including particular disciplines, any likely course adoption into specific types of common classes, any likely audience(s)outside the academy, and any relevant organizations/associations whose members may be interested in the work. •
A brief discussion of the closest 3–5 similar/competing works and how the proposed volume will distinguish itself. •  An annotated chapter outline with 1–2 paragraphs describing what each chapter will discuss. •  Ideally 2 or more sample chapters. •  An indication of the time line for completion and the anticipated length. •  Typical manuscripts should be roughly 80,000–90,000 words in total. • A current copy of the author’s curriculum vitae. •  Please refer to NYU Press’ submission guidelines.

Please direct submissions simultaneously to Robert Orsi and to Jennifer Hammer, Senior Editor at NYU Press.


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