Cultural Front

This provocative series promotes new alliances on the Left—among theorists, activists, leftists, progressives, liberals, and all combinations thereof—for academic and nonacademic readers alike. Cultural Front aims to imagine and to help create those alliances by publishing writers on the Left who deepen our understanding of interpretive theory and cultural history, and do so in such a way as to extend the democratic traditions of the humanities. Cultural Front books have no one thematic focus, but instead are characterized by their willingness to develop new ways of thinking about—and promoting—open and egalitarian societies.


Michael Bérubé, Pennsylvania State University


Submissions should take the form of a 3-5 page proposal outlining the intent and scope of the project, its merits in comparison to existing texts, and the audience it is designed to reach. You should also include a detailed Table of Contents, 2-3 sample chapters, and a current copy of your curriculum vitae. Please refer to NYU Press’s submission guidelines.

Please contact the General Editor or Eric Zinner, Editor-in-Chief at NYU Press, if you are interested in submitting a proposal.