NYU Press will be attending the following conferences this year.

Spring 2019

American Historical Association1/3 – 1/6Chicago, IL
Modern Language Association1/3 – 1/6Chicago, IL
Eastern Sociological Society3/14 – 3/16Boston, MA
American Psychology – Law Society3/14 – 3/16Portland, OR
Society for Media and Cinema Studies3/13 – 3/17Seattle, WA
Association for Oriental Studies3/15 – 3/18Chicago, IL
Organization of American Historians04/4 – 04/6Sacramento, CA
Association for Asian American Studies4/25 – 4/27Madison, WI
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair4/24 – 4/30Abu Dhabi
International Communication Association5/24 – 5/26Washington, DC
Book Expo America5/29 – 5/31New York, NY
Law and Society Association5/30 – 6/2Washington, DC
Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference7/25 – 7/27Philadelphia, PA

Fall 2019

American Sociological Association8/10 – 8/13New York, NY
Association fort the Sociology of Religion8/11 – 8/13New York,NY
American Political Science Association8/29 – 9/1Washington, DC
Brooklyn Book Festival22-SepBrooklyn, NY
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion10/25 – 10/27St. Louis, MO
American Studies Association11/7 – 11/10Honolulu, HI
Middle East Studies Association11/14 – 11/17New Orleans, LA
National Women’s Studies Association11/14 – 11/17San Francisco, CA
American Society for Criminology11/13 – 11/16San Diego, CA
American Anthropological Association11/20-11/24Vancouver, CA
African Studies Association11/20 – 11/24Boston, MA
American Academy of Religion11/23 – 11/26San Diego, CA
Association for Jewish Studies12/15 – 12/17San Diego, CA

For any questions about attendance at these meetings or any other, please contact