Notes to Chapter 15
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All the Web addresses included were checked when we went online, but some, inevitably, may have moved or changed.

  1. Personal interview, July 1996. <back to text>
  1. A. Michael Froomkin, "The Essential Role of Trusted Third Parties in Electronic Commerce," Oregon Law Review 75, no. 1 (Spring 1996): 75-115. Archived on Froomkin's Web site, at
    <back to text>
  1. The development of Java, a programming language created at Sun Microsystems in which programs may be written once but run on any computer using special emulator software inside a Web browser, is expected to open up precisely this type of "out-sourced" application. Instead of buying a big, fat word processor with every feature under the sun, you might instead pay for special features only when you need them, running them by accessing the appropriate Web site. <back to text>
  1. Archived at <back to text>
  1. The draft proposal is at <back to text>
  1. A summary of proposed electronic payment mechanisms with links to the relevant organizations is at <back to text>
  1. VeriSign's Web site is at <back to text>
  1. At <back to text>
  1. <In November 1996, Privnet was bought by PGP, Inc. <back to text>
  1. An explanation of cookies and what they do is available at Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak's Project 2000 site, In fact, they're more easily defeated than most Net users realize. Instead of setting your browser to alert you every time a site asks to write a cookie, which turns browsing into a continually interrupted experience, open an empty file in a text editor and save it as cookies.txt in the same directory as your existing file and set it to read-only. <back to text>
  1. Personal interview, September 1996. <back to text>
  1. Burst! Media is at <back to text>
  1. The Advertising Standards Authority passed its first judgment against a claim made on a Web site in 1996; the records of its judgments are at <back to text>
  1. The FDA held a forum on October 16-17, 1996, "FDA and the Inter- net: Advertising and Promotion of Medical Products." Transcripts and audio recordings of the sessions are at <back to text>
  1. HumanSearch is at; a write-up of the service appeared in the Netly News on February 7, 1997. <back to text>
  1. From the eTrust Web site, at <back to text>


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