Notes to Chapter 13
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All the Web addresses included were checked when we went online, but some, inevitably, may have moved or changed.

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  1. For an example of such an argument, see John Browning, "Universal Service (An Idea Whose Time Is Past)," Wired, September 1994, 102ff. <back to text>
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    <back to text>
  1. Malamud's Town Hall site was at (it was taken down in April 1996). <back to text>
  1. As an example, a copy of the 1994 report on Computer Pornography cost £15.60 (about $23). <back to text>
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  1. At <back to text>
  1. In fact, Pizza Hut ( ) began accepting orders electronically in 1995 (orders are forwarded to your nearest franchise), and there is also a Pizza server (information is at ), which given your instructions (in rather obscure command-line language) will email you a picture (or rather, a .GIF file) of a pizza built to specifications. <back to text>
  1. For some examples of this, see Pamela Samuelson, "The Copyright Grab," Wired , January 1996, 135ff. <back to text>
  1. EFFector 9, no. 14 (December 10, 1996), archived at <back to text>
  1. Further analysis of the treaty by the Digital Future Coalition, including comments from the EFF, is at <back to text>
  1. After press coverage raised questions about privacy, Nabil blocked off access to the plates database; in early 1997 the entire site was gone. <back to text>
  1. is at <back to text>
  1. At <back to text>
  1. At <back to text>
  1. GVU's sixth survey showed that as many as 25 percent of Web users browse at least some of the time without graphics; the percentage is higher in Europe, where connections are slower and more expensive <back to text>
  1. The W3 Consortium's Disabilities page is at There is more information at the Yuri Rubinsky Insight Foundation's "Universal Access to the National Information Infrastructure" Web page at
    <back to text>
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