Notes to Chapter 6
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All the Web addresses included were checked when we went online, but some, inevitably, may have moved or changed.


  1. The most important archive belongs to Ron Newman, one of the most knowledgeable people about the inner workings of the Net and its technology, and is maintained on his Web site at scientology/home.html. For comparison, the CoS's extensive official pages are at http:.// Newman's page is mirrored at ~kspaink/rnewman/home.html <back to text>
  1. Biased Journalism's complete run of issues is archived on the Web at <back to text>
  1. Personal interview, August 1996. <back to text>
  1. Settle made a name for himself in Net-related circles when, at the 1994 Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference, he mistakenly identified (and arrested) a young graduate student named Lee Nussbaum thinking he was the hacker Kevin Mitnick, then wanted on probation violations (see chapter 10).
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  1. Personal interview, March 1995, by email. <back to text>
  1. Daniel Davidson died in 1996. <back to text>
  1. Ed Regis, Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition (Viking, 1990).
    <back to text>
  1. A FAQ for Los Angeles-area ISPs on the subject of ARSBOMB and its methods, called "The What is Scientology? (ARSBOMB) Spam Team FAQ for Los Angeles Area ISPs," is at <back to text>
  1. On the Web at <back to text>
  1. On the Web at However, the link was removed after CoS complaints that it encouraged copyright violations. <back to text>
  1. Spaink's home page is at <back to text>
  1. Quoted in ARS in Review, January 5, 1997, a weekly digest of significant postings from the newsgroup archived on the Web at http://wpxx02.toxi. summary.html. More detail about Mante's claims is available on the main Scientology Web site at <back to text>
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