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Photo of Wendy Wendy M. Grossman is an American writer based in London since 1990 and a graduate of Cornell University (1975). She writes primarily about science and technology for publications such as New Scientist and the national newspaper The Daily Telegraph and has also written for Wired. Her collection of interviews with leading computer industry figures, Remembering the Future: Interviews from Personal Computer World, was released in January 1997 by Springer Verlag.

She was founder of Britain's The Skeptic (http://www.skeptic.org.uk) magazine in 1987; it is a publication dedicated to scientific examination of paranormal claims. Before that, she was an internationally obscure folksinger travelling the United States, Canada, and various European countries with a banjo, guitar, and concertina. She made one record, Roseville Fair, which was released on Lincoln House Records in 1980.

Her personal Web page is at http://www.pelicancrossing.net, and she is best emailed at wendyg@skeptic.demon.co.uk. We warn, however, that she can be a shade on the irritable side, so before emailing that address you might want to check the mood button on the Web page for a prediction as to what kind of response you're likely to get.


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