Minoritarian Aesthetics

This series promotes scholarship that develops a minor position toward aesthetics and an aesthetic stance toward minoritarian experience. The aesthetic—the domain of sensation, beauty, value, taste, (dis)pleasure, and the sublime—instructs not only representations and judgments of the social, but the relational bonds that form between objects, subjects, and entities across spatial-temporal domains.

Minoritarian Aesthetics understands the aesthetic as not removed from the worlds of struggle, survival, politics, and labor, but instead as their very foundation and essence. Drawing from approaches across the humanities, books in this series will support the mapping of minoritarian aesthetics in both content and style, underscoring the practices that remake the world from minor voices and the critical location of the senses. We also invite work that deepens our sensory apprehension of the world through modes of artistic bodily sensation—from the haptic and tactile, olfactory, gustatory, visual, and the sonic to other sensate formations, such as the synesthetic and anesthetic. 


Uri McMillan (University of California, Los Angeles) umcmillan@ucla.edu
Sandra Ruiz (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) sandruiz@illinois.edu
Shane Vogel (Indiana University) shvogel@indiana.edu


Submissions should take the form of a 3-5 page proposal outlining the intent and scope of the project, its merits in comparison to existing texts, and the audience it is designed to reach. You should also include a detailed Table of Contents, 2-3 sample chapters, and a current copy of your curriculum vitae. Please refer to NYU Press’ submission guidelines. Please contact the Series Editors or Eric Zinner, Associate Director & Editor-in-Chief, if you are interested in submitting a proposal.