Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, author of Banned: Immigration Reform in the Time of Trump

UC Davis School of Law King Hall, Room 1301 400 Mrak Hall Drive Davis, CA 95616-5201

Immigration & Nationality Law Review Book Talk

Professor Shoba Wadhia, Penn State Law

Book Talk- Banned: Immigration Enforcement in the Time of Trump, 2019, New York University Press

This book examines immigration enforcement and discretion during the first eighteen months of the Trump administration.

Within days of taking office, President Donald J. Trump published or announced changes to immigration law and policy. These changes have profoundly shaken the lives and well-being of immigrants and their families, many of whom have been here for decades, and affected the work of the attorneys and advocates who represent or are themselves part of the immigrant community. Banned examines the tool of discretion, or the choice a government has to protect, detain, or deport immigrants, and describes how the Trump administration has wielded this tool in creating and executing its immigration policy.

Professor Shoba Wadhia is the Samuel Weiss Faculty Scholar and Clinical Professor of Law at Penn State Law in University Park. Her research focuses on the role of prosecutorial discretion in immigration law and the intersections of race, national security and immigration. She has published more than thirty law review articles, book chapters and essays on immigration law.

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