Eric Thurm, author of Avidly Reads Board Games

The Uncommons 230 Thompson St New York, NY 10012

Eric Thurm, author of Avidly Reads Board Games will discuss his book at The Uncommons on October 12th, 2019 from 11 AM – 1 PM.

Writer and critic Eric Thurm digs deep into his own experience as a board game enthusiast to explore the emotional and social rules that games create and reveal, telling a series of stories about a pastime that is also about relationships. From the outdated gender roles in Life and Mystery Date to the cutthroat, capitalist priorities of Monopoly and its socialist counterpart, Class Struggle, Thurm thinks through his ongoing rivalries with his siblings and ponders the ways games both upset and enforce hierarchies and relationships—from the familial to the geopolitical. Like sitting down at the table for family game night, Board Games is an engaging book of twists and turns, trivia, and nostalgia.