Feminist Manifestos

A Global Documentary Reader

704 pages

April, 2018

ISBN: 9781479837304



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Penny A. Weiss is Professor and Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Saint Louis University. She is the author of numerous books, including Gendered Community: Rousseau, Sex, and Politics, Canon Fodder: Historical Women Political Thinkers, and Conversations with Feminism: Political Theory and Practice.

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A wide-reaching collection of groundbreaking feminist documents from around the world.  
Feminist Manifestos is an unprecedented collection of 150 documents from feminist organizations and gatherings in over 50 countries over the course of three centuries. In the first book of its kind, the manifestos are shown to contain feminist theory and recommend actions for change, and also to expand our very conceptions of feminist thought and activism. Covering issues from political participation, education, religion and work to reproduction, violence, racism, and environmentalism, the manifestos together challenge simplistic definitions of gender and feminist movements in exciting ways. In a wide-ranging introduction, Penny Weiss explores the value of these documents, especially how they speak with and to each other.  In addition, an introduction to each individual document contextualizes and enhances our understanding of it.
Weiss is particularly invested in how communities work together toward social change, which is demonstrated through her choice to include only collectively authored texts. By assembling these documents into an accessible volume, Weiss reveals new possibilities for social justice and ways to advocate for equality.
A unique and inspirational collection, Feminist Manifestos expands and evolves our understanding of feminism through the self-described agendas of women from every ethnic group, religion, and region in the world.


  • "This extensive, rich, and diverse anthology of collective feminist declarations is a vital source for understanding the long, global history of feminism."

    —Estelle B. Freedman, Author of No Turning Back and The Essential Feminist Reader

  • "This inspiring collection is breathtaking in its originality and daring in its premise. Reading the words collectively authored when feminists come together in struggle conveys the passion that inspires activism. Feminists thinking together in these manifestos provide hopeful and energizing answers to the question of what feminism is, challenging the categories and waves into which such variety is often awkwardly packaged."

    —Myra Marx Ferree, Author of Varieties of Feminism: German Gender Politics In Global Perspective

  • "Feminist Manifestos provides an impressive and unprecedented archive of feminist activism. This rich compendium includes feminist petitions, manifestos, resolutions, charters and declarations from fifty countries, starting in 1642 and ending in 2017. Each selection is accompanied by informative introductions. I’ve been waiting for a book like this and can’t wait to assign it in my courses."

    —Amrita Basu, Author of Violent Conjunctures in Democratic India