Contemporary Latina/o Media

Production, Circulation, Politics

368 pages

5 halftones, 10 tables

September, 2014

ISBN: 9781479828913



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Arlene Dávila is Professor of Anthropology and American Studies at NYU.  Her books include Culture Works: Space, Value and Mobility Across the Neoliberal Americas (2012) and Latino Spin: Public Image and the Whitewashing of Race (2008), both available from NYU Press.

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Yeidy M. Rivero is Associate Professor in the department of Screen Arts and Culture at the University of Michigan and author of Tuning Out Blackness: Race and Nation in the History of Puerto Rican Television (2005) and Broadcasting Modernity: Cuban Commercial Television, 1950-1960 (forthcoming).

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The cultural politics creating and consuming Latina/o mass media. 
Just ten years ago, discussions of Latina/o media could be safely reduced to a handful of TV channels, dominated by Univision and Telemundo. Today, dramatic changes in the global political economy have resulted in an unprecedented rise in major new media ventures for Latinos as everyone seems to want a piece of the Latina/o media market. While current scholarship on Latina/o media have mostly revolved around important issues of representation and stereotypes, this approach does not provide the entire story.
In Contemporary Latina/o Media, Arlene Dávila and Yeidy M. Rivero bring together an impressive range of leading scholars to move beyond analyses of media representations, going behind the scenes to explore issues of production, circulation, consumption, and political economy that affect Latina/o mass media. Working across the disciplines of Latina/o media, cultural studies, and communication, the contributors examine how Latinos are being affected both by the continued Latin Americanization of genres, products, and audiences, as well as by the whitewashing of “mainstream” Hollywood media where Latinos have been consistently bypassed. While focusing on Spanish-language television and radio, the essays also touch on the state of Latinos in prime-time television and in digital and alternative media. Using a transnational approach, the volume as a whole explores the ownership, importation, and circulation of talent and content from Latin America, placing the dynamics of the global political economy and cultural politics in the foreground of contemporary analysis of Latina/o media.


  • “With a finger on the pulse of critical issues in media studies writ large, Contemporary Latina/o Media provides a serious study of Latina/o media as a constellation of transnational industries always in search of the Latina/o consumer. In an age in which Latin American economies may surpass the US in terms of growth, this collection’s focus on Latina/o media markets as a terrain of struggle is a timely and significant contribution to scholarship in the field.”

    —Vicki Mayer, author of Producing Dreams, Consuming Youth: Mexican Americans and Mass Media

  • "With the changing demographics of the US, Latina/os are playing an important role in redefining Latina/o media. Davila and Rivero bring together media, cultural, and ethnic studies scholars to develop a contemporary analysis of Latina/o media through a transnational lens."


  • Contemporary Latina/o Media provides scholars with a much-needed resource for rethinking media studies and will undoubtedly emerge as a touchstone volume on its topic.  Scholars of Latino/a media will seek it out for several of its groundbreaking essays, and students at all levels will find the writing accessible and sophisticated.”

    American Studies Journal