Essential Papers on the Psychology of Women

510 pages

August, 1990

ISBN: 9780814796689



Part of the Essential Papers on Psychoanalysis series


Claudia Zanardi, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology at New York University and the University of Milan, Italy. Her writings, which have appeared in psychoanalytic journals and books, are on the subject of the contribution of feminism to psychoanalytic theory and practice. She is the co-editor of Symptoms Body Femininity: From Hysteria to Bulimia.

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Dr. Zanardi approaches the development of psychoanalytic theories of women on two fronts: the psychoanalytic and the political. The first part includes papers by Ruth Mack Brunswick, Melanie Klein, Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, D. W. Winnicott, Joyce Macdougal, Edith Jacobsen, Annie Reich, and Judith Kestenberg, among others, illustrating the psychoanalytic development concerning female sexuality from the 1940s on. the different views - Freudian, Kleinian, Horneyan, object relation, and Lacanian - are presented, showing both American and European views to underline their theoretical differences. Controversial issues - phallocentrism, penis envy, homosexuality, masochism, wish for a child - are brought into focus and analyzed from different theoretical and clinical points of view.

The second part draws attention to the influence of the Women's Liberation Movement on psychoanalytic theory. The papers included show attempts to integrate psychoanalysis into the ideological political discourse. It includes the work of leading feminists and psychoanalysts in the United States and Europe, including Carol Gilligan, Dorothy Dinnerstein, Jean Baker Miller, Juliet Mitchell, Luce Irigaray, and Julia Kristeva.


  • "This compelling collection should bring us closer to the development of a new global psychoanalysis of women."

    —Judith L. Alpert, New York University

  • "Brings together papers by leading analysts and feminists and charts the evolution of the psychology of women through theoretical differences between feminists and psychoanalysts."

    Studies on Women Abstracts

  • "Unlike other collections of papers on female development, this anthology is the first one to put classical and feminist theories within a cultural and historical perspective. It puts famous papers from French feminists (Mitchell, Irigarary, Montrelay, and Kristeva) with essential papers written by American feminists (Dinnerstein, Chodorow, Miller, Benjamin, and Gilligan) and selects a wide range of papers from Europe and the United States that depict crucial issues in the history of psychoanalytic thought on female development (Brunswick, Klein, McDougall, and Stoller)."

    Psychoanalytic Books: A Quarterly Journal of Reviews