Cognitive Science (Vol. 2)

879 pages

September, 1995

ISBN: 9780814780275






Noel Sheehy is Professor of Psychology at The Queen's University, Belfast.

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Antony J. Chapman is Professor of Psychology at the University of Leeds, UK.

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Cognitive science explores intelligence and intelligent systems. Several disciplines, including psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and the neurosciences, have a well-established interest in these topics. An attempt to organize and unify views of thought developed within these distinct disciplines, cognitive science is concerned with the construction of abstract theory of intelligent processes, the investigation of human and animal intelligence, and a discussion of computational principles that underlie the organization and behavior of computer programs.

This three volume set presents a careful selection of the most important articles on cognitive science, divided into the following areas:

Foundational Issues Conceptualization, Learning, & Memory Representation Problem Solving & Understanding Visual Perception Comprehension Production

Articles in these volumes have been drawn from various books and from the following journals: Science, Psychological Bulletin, The Psychology of Computer Vision, Psychological Review, Cognitive Science, Computers and Thought, Artificial Intelligence, Computers and Biomedical Research, Cognitive Psychology, Cognition, Language and Speech, and Computational Linguistics