Political Psychology

Cultural and Cross-Cultural Foundations

400 pages

August, 2000

ISBN: 9780814775370



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Stanley Renshon is Professor of Political Science at the City University of New York and developer and coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Program in the Psychology of Political Behavior at the CUNY Graduate School. He is the author and editor of several books, most recently the award-winning High Hopes: The Clinton Presidency and the Politics of Ambition.

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John Duckitt is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Auckland.

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Military force transforms political institutions, branches of government continually battle for power and position, leaders rise and leaders fall, but the key to the dynamics of these phenomena-the psychology of our political leaders, and that underlying most political processes-remains one of the most understudied aspects of political life. New political forces, such as the trend toward globalization, have resulted in an ever growing need to understand the relationship between psychology, culture and politics.