Essential Papers on Zionism

752 pages

September, 1995

ISBN: 9780814774496



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Part of the Essential Papers on Jewish Studies series


Jehuda Reinharz is Richard Koret Professor of Modern Jewish History and President of Brandeis University. He is the coeditor and author of numerous volumes, including Chaim Weizmann: The Making of a Statesman.

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Anita Shapria is Professor of Jewish History and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Tel Aviv University. She is the coeditor and author of several volumes, including Land and Power: The Zionist Resort to Force, 1881-1948.

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Zionism, more than any other social and political movement in the modern era, has completely and fundamentally altered the self-image of the Jewish people and its relations with the non- Jewish world. As the dominant expression of Jewish nationalism, Zionism revolutionized the very concept of Jewish peoplehood, taking upon itself the transformation of the Jewish people from a minority into a majority, and from a diaspora community into a territorial one.

Bringing together for the first time the work of the most distinguished historians of Zionism and the Yishuv (pre-state Israeli society), many never before translated into English, this volume offers a comprehensive treatment of the history of Zionism. The contributions are diverse, examining such topics as the ideological development of the Jewish nationalist movement, Zionist trends in the Land of Israel, and relations between Jews, Arabs, and the British in Palestine. Contributors include: Jacob Katz, Shmuel Almog, Yosef Salmon, David Vital, Steven J. Zipperstein, Michael Heymann, Jonathan Frankel, George L. Berlin, Israel Oppenheim, Gershon Shaked, Joseph Heller, Hagit Lavsky, and Bernard Wasserstein.


  • "Provides a comprehensive treatment of the history of Zionism, one of the few great success stories in ideological movements, and movements of national liberation in the twentieth century. Few are more qualified to edit a volume on this subject than Anita Shapira and Jehuda Reinharz."

    —Chaim Herzog, Former President of Israel

  • "The most comprehensive collection of articles on the history of Zionism, covering all its aspects, written by the leading experts in the field, a unique, indispensable work for all serious students of the subject."

    —Walter Laqueur, author of A History of Zionism