Gender Violence (Second Edition)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

529 pages

August, 2007

ISBN: 9780814762103



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Laura L. O’Toole is Professor of Sociology at Roanoke College.

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Jessica R. Schiffman is Assistant Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Delaware.

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Margie L. Kiter Edwards is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Shepherd University.

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From the murder of schoolgirls in a rural Amish community to the widespread rape of women in the Sudan to sexual predators on the Internet, this volume explores the persistent, pervasive phenomenon of gendered violence in the United States and around the world.

In the fully revised second edition of this path-breaking anthology, the editors bring together emerging scholarship from feminist, post-modern, and queer theory with classic articles and central authors in the fields of gender, sexuality and violence. This edition features a new comprehensive introduction, revised section introductions, and eighteen new selections, including original articles on sex trafficking, masculinity and terrorism, and community responses to gender violence. Other topics represented in this volume include sexual harassment and violence in schools and workplaces, child abuse, intimate partner violence, and pornography.

Innovative theoretical and empirical articles written by scholars from fields such as law, history, and the social sciences appear alongside solution-focused pieces developed by activists, academics, and poets committed to creating a non-violent world.


  • “This collection provides the most insightful and influential analyses from the last two decades showing how violence against women and children is all too-well integrated into global politics and economics.”

    —Sandra Harding, editor of The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader

  • “This is an extraordinary interdisciplinary volume. It is comprehensive both in terms of the subjects that it includes as well as the type of articles, essays and the range of contributors. Gender Violence makes a very significant contribution to the literature on violence against women.”

    —Beth Richie, author of Compelled to Crime: The Gender Entrapment of Battered, Black Women