Firms and Industrial Organization in Japan

504 pages

January, 1996

ISBN: 9780814755518


Yoshiro Miwa is Professor of Economics at the University of Tokyo and author of Japanese Trade Practices and Financial Administration Reform, both published in Japanese.

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The great successes of the Japanese economy have often been attributed to differences in the Japanese economic system. Employing an exhaustive investigation of the roles of the government and banks, firms and networks, and workers and managers, Yoshiro Miwa illustrates that the standard principles of economics explain the dominant patterns of Japanese economic phenomena. Debunking many long-held myths, Miwa deftly propels readers to a fuller, more accurate understanding of the Japanese economy.


  • ”Miwa has earned quite a name for himself in Japan for his brilliant but biting iconoclastic views. Now, Western readers will learn what the fuss has been about. Self-styled authorities on the Japanese economy will squirm, for Miwa takes no prisoners; his logic is relentless, merciless and—inevitably—right.”

    —J. Mark Ramseyer, University of Chicago Law School

  • ”This is a monumental work, demystifying the Japanese economy and contesting the conventional view that `Japan is different.' In doing so, Miwa paves the way for a new era of comparative study.”

    —Kazuo Koike, Hosei University, Tokyo