The Global Flow of Information

Legal, Social, and Cultural Perspectives

268 pages

August, 2011

ISBN: 9780814748114



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Ramesh Subramanian is Gabriel Ferrucci Professor of Information Systems at Quinnipiac University and Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School. He is the editor of Computer Security, Privacy and Politics: Current Issues, Challenges and Solutions.

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Eddan Katz is International Affairs Director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Before EFF, Eddan was the Executive Director of the Yale Information Society Project and Lecturer-in-Law at Yale Law School. He is co-editor of Cybercrime: Digital Cops in a Networked Environment.

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The Internet has been integral to the globalization of a range of goods and production, from intellectual property and scientific research to political discourse and cultural symbols. Yet the ease with which it allows information to flow at a global level presents enormous regulatory challenges. Understanding if, when, and how the law should regulate online, international flows of information requires a firm grasp of past, present, and future patterns of information flow, and their political, economic, social, and cultural consequences.

In The Global Flow of Information, specialists from law, economics, public policy, international studies, and other disciplines probe the issues that lie at the intersection of globalization, law, and technology, and pay particular attention to the wider contextual question of Internet regulation in a globalized world. While individual essays examine everything from the pharmaceutical industry to television to “information warfare” against suspected enemies of the state, all contributors address the fundamental question of whether or not the flow of information across national borders can be controlled, and what role the law should play in regulating global information flows.

Contributors: Frederick M. Abbott, C. Edwin Baker, Jack M. Balkin, Dan L. Burk, Miguel Angel Centeno, Dorothy E. Denning, James Der Derian, Daniel W. Drezner, Jeremy M. Kaplan, Eddan Katz, Stanley N. Katz, Lawrence Liang, Eli Noam, John G. Palfrey, Jr., Victoria Reyes, and Ramesh Subramanian


  • “Subramanian and Katz have gathered an all-star group, offering a sweep of visions for the future of the Internet and its impact on both global and regional culture. These essays are deep and thoughtful, and together they beautifully show us where the Internet can, and ought to, go.”

    —Jonathan Zittrain, author of The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It

  • The Global Flow of Information is an outstanding and cohesive map of the dynamic transition to a globally networked society. Subramanian and Katz have brilliantly assembled clear, concise and insightful chapters that enduringly show remarkable interconnections between the internet’s power to change information flows and governance and the information flow’s power to change the internet and society. A must have, must read book.”

    —Joel R. Reidenberg, Director, Center on Law and Information Policy, Fordham University

  • “Global struggles over the control of information increasingly determine the extent of our political, economic and cultural freedom online. This important and thought-provoking collection offers a much needed conceptual framework for understanding the linkages between globalization, Internet governance, and power in modern society.”

    —Dr. Laura DeNardis, author of Protocol Politics: the Globalization of Internet Governance