Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America

436 pages

July, 2003

ISBN: 9780814736555




Bernard E. Harcourt is Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School, and the author of Illusion of Order: The False Promise of Broken Windows Policing.

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Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America assembles a diverse group of the nation's leading authorities on guns and gun violence to present the most up-to-date research currently available. Exploring such controversial issues as gun- tracing initiatives, the possible extension of the Brady Bill, gun-oriented policing, federal law enforcement initiatives such as "Project Exile," and civil litigation against gun manufacturers, Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America embarks upon a more balanced and nuanced discussion about firearms. Though the book's contributors operate from a wide variety of political perspectives and methodological approaches, a central desire unifies the book: to end the extreme polarization that currently characterizes the debate on guns, and generate reasonable and practical gun policies in the United States.

Contributors: Sara Sun Beale, Anthony A. Braga, Carl Bogus, Jenny Berrien, Abigail Caplovitz, Philip J. Cook, Garth Davies, Christopher Eisgruber, Jeffrey A. Fagan, Mark Geistfeld, James B. Jacobs, Dan M. Kahan, David Kairys, David B. Kopel, Sanford Levinson, Jens Ludwig, Daniel C. Richman, Jerome H. Skolnick, Richard Slotkin, Chris Winship, and Franklin E. Zimring.


  • "A gathering of well known scholars and policy experts, Harcourt's Guns, Crime, and Punishment in America is an interesting and captivating read. Students of criminal justice will find the book current in analysis as well as thought provoking. Policy types will find it thoughtful and sophisticated. This book is a collection of ideas, not a hodgepodge of topically related articles. Taken together, they make for a very satisfying book.”

    The Law and Politics Book Review