Teaching About Sexuality and HIV

Principles and Methods for Effective Education

293 pages

146 illustrations

September, 2000

ISBN: 9780814735350


Evonne Hedgepeth, Ph.D. is Executive Director of Lifespan Education in Olympia, Washington and has served as adjunct faculty at four colleges. Both have worked as public school teachers, community health educators, teacher-trainers and consultants in sexuality education.

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The emergence of the AIDS pandemic has forced a sea of change in the debate over sexuality education. Even schools previously reluctant to offer sexuality education now face HIV/AIDS education mandates.

Teaching About Sexuality and HIV provides professionals with an integrated, accessible text on the principles, methods, and special issues surrounding sexuality education today. Chapters discuss such subjects as Effective Sexuality and HIV Education: What Works and Why, Creating a Productive Learning Environment, and Introspective Methods: Helping Learners See Relevance, and Methods for Helping Learners Develop Skills. This practical, original, and user-friendly guide will be invaluable to anyone whose work is connected with health and sexuality education.


  • "This book is the most comprehensive book to date to help teachers and community health educators understand the 'how' and 'why' of effective HIV/AIDS prevention and sexuality education."

    —SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US)