The Gay '90s

Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Formations in Queer Studies

264 pages

July, 1997

ISBN: 9780814726730



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Thomas Foster is Professor of English at the University of Washington.

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Carol Siegel is Associate Professor of English at Washington State University, Vancouver and author of Lawrence Among the Women: Wavering Boundaries in Women's Literary Traditions and Male Masochism: Modern Revisions of the Story of Love.

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Ellen E. Berry is Associate Professor of English and Director of the Women's Studies program at Bowling Green State University.

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Queer theory arose as a challenge to the stability of sexual categories. But is queer theory in the 1990s in danger of becoming just another category of theoretical inquiry and just another academic discipline? As queer studies is being legitimated within American universities, what dangers and opportunities arise from the process of legitimation?

The essays in The Gay '90s address these questions in two distinct ways. The first section of the book, "Disciplinary Reflections," reflects upon the process of disciplinary formation as it affects lesbian and gay studies in the academy, contrasting older academic disciplines with newer, identity-based areas of study. The second section, "Interdisciplinary Readings," demonstrates the extent to which contemporary queer studies involves practices of interdisciplinary reading and analysis. Contributors include Dennis Allen, John Champagne, Myriam J. A. Chancy, Gabrielle N. Dean, Leigh Gilmore, Calvin Thomas, Elayne Tobin, Robyn Wiegman, and Thomas Yingling.


  • "A welcome addition to the burgeoning field of Queer Studies."

    Journal of Homosexuality