Essential Papers on Transference

540 pages

September, 1990

ISBN: 9780814721773



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Part of the Essential Papers on Psychoanalysis series


Aaron H. Esman, M.D., is an internationally acclaimed psychoanalyst and psychiatrist. He is Professor Emeritus at Weill Medical College, Cornell University, and a member of the faculty at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Columbia University Psychoanalytic Center. His previous books include Adolescence and Culture.

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Among Freud's discoveries, none has proved more theoretically valid or clinically productive than his demonstration that humans regularly and inevitably repeat with the analyst patterns of relationship, fantasy, and conflict experienced in their childhood. Transference phenomenon and its analysis in therapy is the cornerstone for much psychoanalytic work. It's crucial importance has been and continues to be a matter of debate among psychoanalysts.

Essential Papers on Transference presents the central papers on the subject of transference from Freud's time to our own. Although many reflect viewpoints within the psychoanalytic mainstream, efforts have been made to be as inclusive as possible; thus neo-Freudian, Kohutian, and Lacanian statements are represented. The book underscores the fact that the meaning, the therapeutic use, and even the theoretical explanation of transference and transference phenomena have undergone significant changes over the years.