The Clay Sanskrit Library: Plays

8-volume Set

1500 pages

November, 2009

ISBN: 9780814717486




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This set of plays provides an array of Sanskrit drama and satire, with plots that vary from the “strikingly Shakespearian” (as H. H. Wilson described it ) “Little Clay Cart” to a dramatization of and amendment to the “Ramáyana” in “Rama’s Last Act.” In addition to its scope of genre, the set covers a large period of time (the “Three Satires” by Bhállata, Ksheméndra, and Nila·kan alone were written over a period of nearly a thousand years) and also includes several works traditionally given less modern attention, such as “Málavika and Agni·mitra” by Kali·dasa, in order to provide a multifaceted view of Sankskrit theater.

Included in this set:

“The Lady of the Jewel Necklace” & “The Lady who Shows her Love”
By Harsha. Translated by Wendy Doniger.
514 pages / 978-0-8147-1996-1

Little Clay Cart
By Shúdraka. Translated by Diwakar Acharya. Foreword by Partha Chatterjee.
640 pages / 978-0-8147-0729-6

Málavika and Agni·mitra
Kali·dasa. Translated by Dániel Balogh and Eszter Somogyi.
350 pages / 978-0-8147-8702-1

Rákshasa’s Ring
By Vishákha·datta. Translated by Michael Coulson
385 pages / 978-0-8147-1661-8

Rama Beyond Price
By Murári. Edited and translated by Judit Törzsök.
638 pages / 978-0-8147-8295-8

Rama’s Last Act
By Bhava·bhuti. Translated by Sheldon Pollock. Fore­word by Girish Karnad.
458 pages / 978-0-8147-6733-7

The Recognition of Shakúntala (Kashmir Recension)
By Kali·dasa. Edited and translated by Somadeva Vasudeva.
419 pages / 978-0-8147-8815-8

Three Satires
By Bhállata, Ksheméndra, and Nila·kantha. Edited and translated by Somadeva Vasudeva.
403 pages / 978-0-8147-8814-1