The Next Generation

Immigrant Youth in a Comparative Perspective

382 pages

April, 2011

ISBN: 9780814707432



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Richard Alba is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at City University of New York and is the author of many books, including (with Victor Nee) Remaking the American Mainstream: Assimilation and Contemporary Immigration and Ethnic Identity: The Transformation of White America.

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Mary C. Waters is M.E. Zukerman Professor of Sociology at Harvard University and author of many books, including Black Identities: West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities and Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age.

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One fifth of the population of the United States belongs to the immigrant or second generations. While the US is generally thought of as the immigrant society par excellence, it now has a number of rivals in Europe. The Next Generation brings together studies from top immigration scholars to explore how the integration of immigrants affects the generations that come after. The original essays explore the early beginnings of the second generation in the United States and Western Europe, exploring the overall patterns of success of the second generation.

While there are many striking similarities in the situations of the children of labor immigrants coming from outside the highly developed worlds of Europe and North America, wherever one looks, subtle features of national and local contexts interact with characteristics of the immigrant groups themselves to create variations in second-generation trajectories. The contributors show that these issues are of the utmost importance for the future, for they will determine the degree to which contemporary immigration will produce either durable ethno-racial cleavages or mainstream integration.

Contributors: Dalia Abdel-Hady, Frank D. Bean, Susan K. Brown, Maurice Crul, Nancy A. Denton, Rosita Fibbi, Nancy Foner, Anthony F. Heath, Donald J. Hernandez, Tariqul Islam, Frank Kalter, Philip Kasinitz, Mark A. Leach, Mathias Lerch, Suzanne E. Macartney, Karen G Marotz, Noriko Matsumoto, Tariq Modood, Joel Perlmann, Karen Phalet, Jeffrey G. Reitz, Rubén G. Rumbaut, Roxanne Silberman, Philippe Wanner, Aviva Zeltzer-Zubida, andYe Zhang.


  • "The attention to immigrants' changing migration and naturalization statuses is laudable and should encourage carefully consider the diverse legal statuses of immigrants both upon and after arrival to the United States."

    International Journal of Comparative Sociology

  • "The Next Generation...provide[s] key insights into the forces shaping outcomes for the future generations of native-born immigrants and the societies in which they live."

    —Kristen Remington Lucken, Nordic Journal of Migration Research