Trade and Investment in the 1990s

Experts Debate Japan--U.S. Issues

304 pages

May, 1996

ISBN: 9780814706411



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Ryuzo Sato is C.V. Starr Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Japan-U.S. Business and Economics Studies at the Stern School of Business at New York University. An Adjunct Professor of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economics Research, Sato was the recipient of the first Yomiuri Rondansho Award in Social Science Writing in 1991. Steeped in the business culture of both nations, he has for over 30 years divided his time lecturing and conducting research in Japan and the United States.

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The recent earthquake in Kobe posed an unexpected threat to Japan's future as a leader in world trade and investment. In the aftermath of such an event, Japan—U.S. relations are likely to become increasingly important as Japan seeks to rebuild itself and encourage international investment. Trade and Investment in the 1990s provides crucial insight on the future of Japan—U.S. relations. Presenting views of such distinguished economists as Nobel Laureate Paul A. Samuelson, this volume covers such topics as Japan—U.S. relations under the Clinton Administration, trade negotiations, international competition and investment, and recent economic and financial trends. A compilation of recent lectures sponsored by The Center for Japan-U.S. Business and Economic Studies at New York University, this volume is sure to be of use to all those interested in the critical relationship between Japan and the U.S.