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Exam Copy Request

Please list your name, institutional affiliation, course name and size, and institution address. (Note: NYU Press has converted to a digital exam copy system. Upon completion of this form you will receive… READ MORE

Lisha Nadkarni

Lisha Nadkarni acquires in the humanities with a focus on media studies, cultural communication, and New York and the region. Prior to joining NYU Press, she worked in both acquisitions… READ MORE

Clara Platter

Clara Platter acquires in history with a special focus on race, gender, and sexuality in the United States and with a new emphasis on early American history. She also acquires… READ MORE

Jennifer Hammer

Jennifer Hammer acquires books in religion, anthropology, and psychology. She joined NYU Press in 1992 as an intern directly out of college, and has continued her trajectory within the acquisitions… READ MORE

Ilene Kalish

Ilene Kalish acquires books in the areas of sociology, criminology, politics, and women’s studies. With over fifteen years of experience in academic publishing, she has published books for the general… READ MORE

Eric Zinner

Eric Zinner publishes scholarship in American studies, cultural studies, literary criticism, media studies, communication, and American cultural history. His books have won multiple National Jewish Book Awards (2009 in Jewish… READ MORE