Raising Grandkids

Raising Grandkids

Inside Skipped-Generation Families

by Gary Garrison

Published by: University of Regina Press

250 pages, 5.00 x 8.00 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780889775541
  • Published: August 2018


Raising Grandkids focuses on “skipped generation” families or grandparent-headed households. Collecting together stories from grandparents and reflecting on his own experience as an older caregiver to his stepchildren, Gary Garrison paints a compassionate yet compelling picture of the joys, fears, and passions that drive some grandparents to put their later lives on hold to raise their children’s children.

Grandparents in this situation have particular challenges, as they often have to battle their own children for custody, deal with pressures from caseworkers, negotiate their own health and financial issues, and address the guilt and resentment they may feel towards the missing son or daughter who conceived the children in their care. Many grandparents, as well, find themselves overlooked or under resourced by social services, and others may struggle with additional factors such as racism. No matter their background, grandparents looking for comfort, guidance, and wisdom will find meaning in this brave and clear-eyed book.