-30-: Thirty Years of Journalism and Democracy in Canada

-30-: Thirty Years of Journalism and Democracy in Canada

The Minifie Lectures, 1981-2010

by Mitch Diamantopoulos

Published by: University of Regina Press

395 pages, 6.50 x 9.50 in

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780889772250
  • Published: March 2010


Journalism matters – and this book proves it. This insightful, eloquent and entertaining anthology paints a compelling portrait of Canada and Canadian journalism in a rapidly changing world. It brings together, in one volume, thirty years of the prestigious James M. Minifie Lecture at the University of Regina’s School of Journalism. Touching on a wide range of topics from war to climate change to our ongoing constitutional crisis, these lectures, delivered by some of Canada’s leading journalists, stand as a tribute to press freedom and journalistic imagination in Canada. This volume should be required reading not just for journalists, but for anyone concerned about the state of the democratic process, a process that journalism informs and animates. With media industries in crisis and the democratic craft of journalism in peril, this collection serves as a chronicle of the re-invention of Canada, and of Canadian journalism, over the last three decades. The Minifie Lectures, 1981-2010 is an intriguing glimpse into the inner life of the press corps; as such, it will be an essential guide for journalists and media reform movements alike in the years ahead.