The Wired Professor

The Wired Professor

A Guide to Incorporating the World Wide Web in College Instruction

by Anne B. Keating and Joseph R. Hargitai

Published by: NYU Press

278 pages, 9.50 x 7.50 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780814747254
  • Published: February 1999



The Internet is rapidly becoming a necessary and natural part of the way we access information. The Wired Professor provides instructors with the necessary skills and intellectual framework for effectively working with and understanding this new tool and medium.

Written for teachers with limited experience on the Internet, The Wired Professor is a collegial, hands-on guide on how to build and manage instruction-based web pages and sites. In addition to practical tips, this book incorporates discussions on a variety of topics from the history of networks, publishing, and computers to hotly debated issues such as the pedagogical challenges posed by computer-aided instruction and distance learning. These discussions are geared to the non-computer savvy reader and written with an eye to allow instructors to maximize use of the Internet as a creative medium, a research resource of unparalleled dimension, and a community building tool.

The Wired Professor comes with a companion web site that contains additional material, such as discussions on design and links to the resources discussed in the book.

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