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Read with Pride this June!

All month long, we’re running an eBook special on some of our most delightful LGBTQ titles, including newly published, The Stonewall Riots edited by Marc Stein. See what other books you can buy now and keep your celebration going all month long!

Read and be prideful!
front cover of Conformity

Conformity: The Power of Social Influences

We live in an era of tribalism, polarization, and intense social division—how did this happen? Bestselling author Cass R. Sunstein reveals the appeal and the danger of conformity. 

Red Pill or Blue Pill?
Front cover of Thomas, 2019

The Dark Fantastic: Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games

One of BookRiot’s Most Anticipated Reads of 2019, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas’ The Dark Fantastic reveals the diversity crisis in children’s and young adult media as not only a lack of representation, but a lack of imagination.

Explore the fantastic
Front Cover of Strings 2019

Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia

This epic and original new book from Sabrina Strings details how the female body has been racialized for over two hundred years.

Fight Fat Phobia
Front Cover of Delany 2019

Times Square Red, Times Square Blue, 20th Anniversary Edition

A beautiful twentieth anniversary edition of Samuel R. Delany’s landmark book that cataloged a vibrant but disappearing neighborhood in New York City, with a foreword by Robert F. Reid-Pharr.

Find Your Times Square
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