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Fighting over the Founders
How We Remember the American Revolution
Andrew M. Schocket
$30.00 Cloth
Subjects: History, American Studies
Date: 01/16/2015
At Home in Nineteenth-Century America
A Documentary History
Amy Richter
$26.00 Paper
Subjects: History, American Studies, Gender Studies
Date: 01/16/2015
Disagreements of the Jurists
A Manual of Islamic Legal Theory
By al-Qadi al-Numan
Edited and Translated by Devin Stewart
$40.00 Cloth
Subjects: Arabic Literature, History, Religion, Law
Date: 01/12/2015
A History of Hair Removal
Rebecca M. Herzig
$29.95 Cloth
Subjects: History, Sociology, Women's Studies, Cultural Studies
Date: 01/09/2015
Reframing Randolph
Labor, Black Freedom, and the Legacies of A. Philip Randolph
Andrew E. Kersten
and Clarence Lang
$49.00 Cloth
Subjects: History, African American Studies, Labor Studies
Date: 01/02/2015
Mea Culpa
Lessons on Law and Regret from U.S. History
Steven W. Bender
$35.00 Cloth
Subjects: Law, History
Date: 01/02/2015
Virtues of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal
Volume Two
By Ibn al-Jawzi
Edited and Translated by Michael Cooperson
$40.00 Cloth
Subjects: Arabic Literature, History, Religion
Date: 12/26/2014
Caribbean Crossing
African Americans and the Haitian Emigration Movement
Sara Fanning
$35.00 Cloth
Subjects: History, Race & Ethnicity, African American Studies
Date: 12/26/2014
Managing Inequality
Northern Racial Liberalism in Interwar Detroit
Karen R. Miller
$55.00 Cloth
Subjects: History, Race & Ethnicity, African American Studies
Date: 12/19/2014
The Rag Race
How Jews Sewed Their Way to Success in America and the British Empire
Adam D. Mendelsohn
$35.00 Cloth
Subjects: Religion, Jewish Studies, History, Economics & Business
Date: 12/12/2014
Border Medicine
A Transcultural History of Mexican American Curanderismo
Brett Hendrickson
$24.00 Paper
Subjects: Religion, Latina/o Studies, Sociology, History
Date: 11/28/2014
In the Shadow of Zion
Promised Lands Before Israel
Adam L. Rovner
$35.00 Cloth
Subjects: Religion, Jewish Studies, History
Date: 11/21/2014
Preaching on Wax
The Phonograph and the Shaping of Modern African American Religion
Lerone A. Martin
$24.00 Paper
Subjects: Religion, African American Studies, History, Media Studies
Date: 11/14/2014
Brooklyn's Promised Land
The Free Black Community of Weeksville, New York
Judith Wellman
$35.00 Cloth
Subjects: History, Race & Ethnicity, African American Studies
Date: 11/07/2014
Two Arabic Travel Books
Accounts of China and India and Mission to the Volga
Edited and Translated by James Montgomery
By Ahmad Ibn Fadlan

Edited and Translated by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

By Abu Zayd al-Sirafi
$35.00 Cloth
Subjects: Arabic Literature, Anthropology, History
Date: 11/04/2014
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